Stewed Artichokes with Fava Beans

traditional stewed artichokes with fava beans

Tender, lemony artichokes with meaty, sweet fava beans in a golden, buttery light broth- make this filling delicious dinner in….. wait for it….. easily less than 30 minutes!

This traditional Greek favorite, stewed artichokes and fava beans / aginares me koukiais / αγκινάρες και kουκιά is one of the few dishes that I recommend using canned/frozen veggies. A big time saver of course and, the way this dish is prepared, you really lose nothing in terms of overall flavor. It’s just the perfect quick, healthy and yummy dinner on a busy night.

I love to use Melissa’s Produce organic, peeled and steamed fava beans when I can find them. They are sold sealed and refrigerated and last for a couple of months without an issue. If using Melissa’s, include the bit of liquid they are packed in in the recipe. If fava beans are difficult to find, substitute ford hook lima or butter beans instead. Canned (Goya is good canned choice) or frozen are both fine, only make sure they’re not flavored in any way. Thaw/drain and use as directed below.

Melissa’s Produce peeled/steamed fava beans

And for the artichokes, 365 Organics is my go-to canned, whole artichokes in water. They’re little guys, just the cutest things, and come about 5 or 6 to a can. For this recipe, I use 2 cans and always have a few on hand in the cupboard.

Barba Stathis frozen Greek artichokes

My absolute favorite frozen brand is Barba Stathis, directly from Greece. Kid you not, they just taste Greek! Read original article »

Source: The Greek Vegan

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